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Seaport Operation


VIP GREENPORT is a member of Vietnam Container Shipping Corporation, is the first port in the gateway location Hai Phong port area, with the most favorable location area of ​​Hai Phong port. The port has a depth of -9.5 meters before landing; turning basin 320m, 400m long pier, the port is equipped with 04 modern QC (Reach 13 rows - cont), Port enables simultaneous welcomed 02 ships with 2,000 TEUs.

Located in the port of Greenport, located at latitude 20o51 North, 106o43 east longitude, from buoy 20 nautical 0 (near Chua Ve Cam River downstream). GREEN PORT total length is 371 m piers (including two berth and one berth barge) with waterline depth at the jetty is 8 m. Berth No. 1 was put into operation in September 2004 and the second Berth in operation from March 3/2006. May 01 2008 adds barge berth operation.