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As a shipping agent, on behalf of the carrier and the operator, we adhere to the Government's procedures when ships arrive. We perform loading, unloading and delivery of goods to the vessel, providing goods and services of cargo handling agents and procedures for loading to bulk storage, service and supply of fresh water carried products for ships and arrange accommodation for the crew, marine inspection, repair services Drydock ship ...

As a shipbroker, we on behalf of the charterers and shipowners, organizations signed contracts with time charterer or voyage.

VSC is the only shipping agency's two major shipping lines of the world's shipping firms TS. Shipping Lines and Dongyoung in Vietnam.

Container shipping agents:

10/2007 Co. Blue Star Marine Transport was founded with a mission to provide all necessary transportation services for cargo traffic between Vietnam and all over the world by land, sea and rail.

The company has the specialized container transport vehicles capable of transporting over all parts of the country Vietnam and transport for goods is not limited in width, to a small size. The use of specialized vehicles and a team of highly skilled driver has given the company a solid reputation.