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Multimodal Transport

Viconship provide a comprehensive system monitoring services Container Logistics, acquisitions, disposition, inland transportation, maintenance, repair and lease containers. In its fleet, the company is now a pioneer in the field of container transport, the company has specialized container transport vehicles capable of transporting over all parts of the country Vietnam and shipping for commodity no restrictions on width, size to small. The use of specialized vehicles and a team of highly skilled driver has given the company a solid reputation. This is a meticulous work, requiring security and urgency, essential in linking the sea and road routes. Besides, we also cooperate with Vietnam Railway Company built the train station in Viconship Container Terminal and transport all kinds of goods to the destination by train.


Customs Brokers: 

With a staff composed of skilled professionals in the declaration of customs procedures for  import and export of goods through ports and customs clearance locations in mainland ensure export shipments will be resolved specialist professional efficient and fast. Our  employees are always updated with new material everyday from Vietnam Customs and ensure timely declaration as well as comply with government regulations.